iPhone 12 Pro 2020
Even though we’ve heard through the grapevine that we’re stuck with the notch for one more year, designer Ben Geskin decided to try out a brand new design for the iPhone 12 Pro from 2020. Let’s check it out!
First of all, the square camera is definitely here to stay. Also, the general format of the phone stays unchanged, a rectangular slab with rounded corners. I feel that this time the back camera is even more protruding or prominent, but it may just be the design. I also spot extra wholes, maybe extra sensors and mics into the optical package.
Ben Geskin promises that the 2020 iPhone has an all new all screen design, with no notch and a Time of Flight camera. Getting rid of the notch sounds fine, but what could Apple do with the involved mechanisms. Face ID is definitely not small and the brand new 12 megapixel camera is also very hard to hide in a mere “lip” of the phone. There’s the placement under the screen panel, but we’re not there yet.
Vivo/Oppo has been attempting it (and failing at it), while Samsung is researching it. The biggest challenge is getting the screen to act like a proper lens for the selfie camera and also getting the face recognition to work through the very same glass. Will it be beaten in 2020? Time will tell…
Iphone 12 pro📱

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